What is MyCulinaryEdge?

I work in the restaurant industry as a corporate chef.  I’ve been a catering chef, sous chef, and executive chef.  I want to share the skills I have learned and the ones I taught myself.  I truly believe everyone can be a rock-star in the kitchen, beyond that I almost guarantee that no matter your level of experience there is something you have an edge in already.  Maybe you are a prodigy cooking a steak to a perfect medium rare, or, you may make a perfect soft boiled egg every time.  No matter what your skill level is I want to help you excel in the kitchen.  If you are already experienced let me know and I can begin to ratchet up the skill level of recipes that I share with you.

Even with my experience I am still learning new skills and techniques every day and refining my skills.  I in no way claim to know everything about food and cooking, and I hope to never be able to say that.  The thrill of cooking is discovery.

Whats with the all the Edge talk?

First and foremost a knife will become your best friend in the kitchen.  It is normal to be afraid of the knife when you start out and that’s a good thing. As time goes on you will become more confident in your knife skills and be able to speed up your chopping and begin using more technique based cuts.

So just as a sharp knife is better, and safer, an extra edge to assist your culinary mind is a useful resource as you begin to educate yourself about food or test out new recipes.  Soon you’ll find yourself making tweaks to recipes and even creating your own.

Want to join MyCulinaryEdge?

I am currently looking for contributors.  Contact me for details if you are interested.